Beit Berl College is one of Israel's oldest and largest public colleges - and a leader in education, society, and the arts. Founded in the pre-state era as an institution for teacher training, Beit Berl was fully licensed as a multi-disciplinary academic college in 1979.  Renowned for academic excellence and innovation, Beit Berl sees education as a vehicle for social mobility, equality and justice for all sectors of Israeli society.
Beit Berl's graduates comprise 20% of all Israeli secular public school teachers, Jewish and Arab, and hold prominent positions in Israeli national and local government, private and non-profit sectors, and the global arts community.

With an enrollment of 10,000 students, the College offers an extensive range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as certificate programs in three major faculties:

  • The Faculty of Education - known for its rigorous and entrepreneurial approach to teacher education and community education, the Faculty serves the training and professional development of teachers from early childhood to secondary education, with special programs in curriculum planning and evaluation, informal education, at-risk youth, and more. The Faculty includes the Arab Academic Institute of Education to train teachers for the Israeli Arab education system -- with instruction in Arabic, as well as research and library facilities focusing on Arabic language and culture.

  • The Faculty of Society and Culture - interdisciplinary studies in the social sciences and humanities, including criminology and law enforcement, gender studies, public administration, social policy, information and knowledge management.  Many of the degree programs are carried out in cooperation with the Open University, providing an opportunity to those who entered the workforce directly, and may lack formal qualifications, to achieve higher education.

  • The Faculty of Arts: HaMidrasha - established as the center for a unique Israeli voice in conceptual art, using simple, cheap materials identified with the frugality of the establishment of the state, The Faculty offers studies in fine arts, film and design, as well as art education. A preparatory program is available for promising young Arab artists, and the school will soon offer a graduate program in art therapy.

In addition, Beit Berl offers a range of professional and continuing education programs in the Keshet Center for Continuing Education - including enrichment programs for educators and the general public.

Beit Berl's faculty of 700 professors, lecturers and field professionals include leaders in their fields.  The College maintains a significant library system, including unique collections in Arabic - one of the largest in Israel - a dedicated art and digital media library, and a Center for Children's Literature, including many rare volumes.  

The College is expanding its strategic network of relationships with universities and colleges in Europe and North America, offering faculty and student exchanges, as well as joint research; and participates in the European Union Tempus-IRIS program for academic internationalization.



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