AdmissionOffice: 888.645.0030, ext 4080Financial Aid Office: 888.645.0030, ext 4090Registrar's Office: 212.812.4070Student Services: 646.216.2872info@sft.eduNYCDA DEGREES AND CERTIFICATESawards the following: :Associate in Occupational Studies(AOS) in Film and Television Performance :Certificate of Completion inTheater, Film and Television Performance Graduates of the Theater, Film andTelevision Performance Program are not eligible to receive the AOS degree.However, credits earned in this program are college level credits, and may betransferable to colleges and universities. Each college has its own criteria fortransfer credits; students wishing to use NYCDA credits for transfer are advised tocontact colleges of interest for their transfer policies.Federal and state regulationsrequire that students be advised that enrollment in other than registered orotherwise approved programs may jeopardize their eligibility for certain student aidawards. REQUIREMENTS FOR AWARDING OF NYCDADEGREE AND CERTIFICATE In order to graduate and earn theAOS degree for the Film and Television Performance Program, students mustpass all required Program courses. The only courses not required forgraduation and a degree are electives, THE264 Research, Rehearsal, and Performance(a.k.a. Final Reel) and THE 241, Professional Internship.In order to graduate and earn theCertificate of Completion for the Theater, Film and Television PerformanceProgram, students must pass all required Program courses. The only coursesnot required for graduation and awarding of the Certificate of Completion areelectives, THE264 Research, Rehearsal, and Performance (a.k.a. Final Reel) andTHE 241, Professional Internship.



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